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Horse training at Willow Ranch

We are pleased to offer the opportunity to have your horse trained at Willow Ranch.

 With our extensive knowledge of equine body language, biomechanics and psychology, and our experience in helping "problem" horses and traumatized horses find their way again, and getting their trust in people back, we are confident we can help your horse.


Helping the traumatized, scared or " problem" horses

Helping "problem horses" or the traumatized horses is our specialty and our absolute passion. We've helped many horses find their trust in people again, and made them see that they can not only trust people but that they can feel better with people around them than they can alone. We've showed horses that were scared and full of anticipation that riding can be fun, and make them feel good. 

Fixing issues
Do you have a nervous or spooky horse? Does your horse not want to go out by himself? Is your riding horse lacking ground manners? Does your trail horse struggle in the arena? Or do you run into another problem with your horse? We are happy to figure out where the problem comes from and fix this issue for you.

Starting a young horse

We always take the time a horse really needs when preparing it for the first ride.  We make sure they are mentally and physically ready to have the rider on their back. We believe in having the first ride without any bucking instead of just riding out the buck. We truly prepare your horse on the ground so they can take their first steps under saddle with confidence. We do our best to make the first ride is a success and feels good for the horse.  This sets your horse up for a great future under saddle.

Fine tuning

Would you like to lift your horse’s training to the next level? Willow Ranch can definitely  be the right place for you. With our background in dressage and our extensive knowledge of biomechanics we can definitely help your horse do better!


Horse and owner packages

Are you and your horses too far apart? Or are you and your horse running into issues? Does it feel like there is a disconnect between you and your horse? We can help. With our unique horse and owner packages we asses what the problem is and help you reconnect. We work with your horse while you can work with our horses and get the coaching you need to get you (back) on the same level. We can make sure you leave the ranch as a team, feeling connected and happy with each other.


We believe that to set a horse up for success it's most important that horse and owner form a team and understand each other, therefore training horses on Willow Ranch is set up for the owner to be involved.

When your horse is in training at Willow Ranch you will receive a login to our stable management system where you can read the notes from each training session with your horse.. We make notes after every session, so you can stay updated on the progress of your horse throughout the training.  We will schedule a phone call, email session, or meeting every week to let you know the progress and for you to discuss any questions or concerns.  Every month of training includes a session at the end for the owner and the horse together, to make sure we set both of you up for success together in the future. When you lie further away from the ranch it's also possible to use all lessons at the end of the total training or to change these real life lessons into video lessons. Besides this you are, of course, welcome to visit your horse or come watch the training sessions.

Our training doesn't end when the horse leaves Willow Ranch, we are always here for you after if you have questions, run into problems or just for support. We like to hear all the stories of how our training helps the horses in their lives after the training.

We are now taking bookings for our 2022 season starting in May.

Contact us for more information.

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