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Willow Ranch Sanctuary

Horse training - Riding and Horsemanship Lessons - Clinics

My passion is to make the world a little bit better for horses. Although my passion is idealistic and I can only make it a little bit better, I  believe that every little bit helps. I believe I can help by teaching riding and horsemanship lessons, training horses, offering a safe haven to troubled horses and sharing what I learn along the way to inspire others to make the world a bit better for horses.

I strive to always let my ranch a safe place for humans and horses. A safe place to learn and grow.



What I offer


With my extensive knowledge of equine body language, biomechanics and psychology, and my experience in helping "problem" horses and traumatized horses find their way again, and getting their trust in people back, I'm confident we can help your horse.


Teaching, helping people and horses, is my absolute passion! I'm are proud to be teaching in an empathetic, horse friendly and professional way. I teach groundwork and riding lessons to both kids and adults. 


Besides hosting clinics here on Willow Ranch, I love to travel around and share my way of working with horses. More info will follow soon!


Get in touch

Get in touch with me by sending me an email:

Or give me a call: +1 250 566 3215

Or get in touch with me through my social media, where I also share some of my training tips!

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