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Yellow zucchini gazpacho with chive oil

In the summer we enjoy eating the veggies from our garden so much and we enjoy coming up with new recipes. This past summer we had a crazy heatwave, it was so warm that it was hard to make dinner and to keep coming up with food that was nice to eat in that heat. Of course we had a lot of yummy salads for dinner. But we also wanted something else that also looked a bit nicer for a fancier dinner. This is when we made our gazpacho, and with the bright yellow colour and the green from the oil this dish looks fantastic and taste amazing. And is perfect for the really warm summer evenings.

Chive oil

1/2 cup veg/olive oil

1/2 cup of chives

salt to taste

Gazpacho 3 yellow zucchini, chopped in small cubes

2 onions chopped fine

3 garlic cloves chopped fine

1/2 litre of vegetable stock

Salt and pepper to taste

4 teaspoons of sour cream

some red chilli flakes

Chive oil:

Add the ingredients into a blender and blend until you get a nice green coloured oil.


Sauté the onion and garlic on medium heat until onion becomes glossy and translucent.

Add zucchini and stir for 5 to 7 minutes, until the zucchini becomes softer.

Add the vegetable stock. Put lit on and let it simmer for +/- 30 minutes, until zucchini is completely soft. Let it cool down a bit. Puree the soup in a blender. If it is too thick, add some water. Add extra salt and pepper to taste. Let the soup cool down further in fridge, until it's completely cold.

To assemble:

Serve in a freezing cold glass (put the glasses in the freezer for about 30 minutes before using them). Pour the gazpacho into the glasses. Scoop some sour cream on top of the gazpacho. Drizzle some chive oil around and finish with some chilli flakes on top. Enjoy!!


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