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Why we work with Irwin Insights

Anybody that know us knows that we are very committed to the Irwin Insights, so why are we so committed to this method of training? Our answer in short is because it works! We always have results with our training, our horses are happy and perform well and they have very little work related injuries, it works! We don’t see it as much as a method but as that Chris (Irwin, founder of Irwin Insights) is a translator. He understands how horses communicate, what their minds need and what their bodies need and learning the Irwin Insights is like learning a language, the language of the horse.

Our journey with Irwin Insights started 12 years ago, when Lissy first came to Canada for a summer of working on a ranch. Irwin Insights was the way the horses on that ranch were worked with, so she had no choice but to learn more about this method. And how thankful are we for that now!

We were into horses for a while, and at that point had a horse of our own (Willow, who the ranch was named after). Starting a horse business together as sister had always been a dream, but we had our doubts about the horse industry. We were always wondering if “working” for people was really a good life for horses. Being trained in traditional English riding we felt it wasn’t nice for the horses. It felt forced, unnatural and honestly often as a fight. We started looking into the different natural horsemanship methods, but here again it actually often felt forced and funny enough still unnatural. So we were always wondering, are we going to pursue our dream and start a horse business together or would it just simply be something that to us would partly feel unethical because there is no right way to communicate with horses. Owning a horse business disappeared more into the back of our minds, We had Willow, did the best we could with him, we kind of enjoyed feeling like the odd ones at the barn we were at and life went on.

Until Lissy lost her job in the Netherlands and decided to travel. Here she ended up working on the ranch where she was first introduced to the Irwin Insights. She watched the DVD’s, went to a clinic and took some lessons from a certified trainer in the area. And for the first time it started to make sense, for the first time she saw that it is possible to communicate with horses in a way they understand, and we can actually help horse be better, use their body better get their minds better. On to years of studying Irwin Insights, watching DVD’s, taking as much lessons as we could, book mentorships with certified trainers, go to as many clinics as possible, work for certified trainers. This was it, our dream to start a horse business was back, and we felt even more passionate as before, now we knew we could start a business and help horses! Now 12 years later, after moving to Canada and running our horse business for 7 years we are still convinced this is the way to go, the way to work with horses. We can now say we have helped horses get over trauma’s, enjoy riding again, learn to trust people again. And after 7 years of having our ranch we are more driven than ever, to spread Irwin Insights, help horses and help people help and connect with their horses.


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