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Sushi bowl

We've been addicted to sushi for a long time! We are very lucky that even in our small mountain town we can actually get decent sushi! However we have also been trying to healthier alternative. Making sushi ourselves is such a hassle! That's why we're in love with this recipe! So easy and it does really give you the taste of sushi.

Ingredients for 4

2 cups of quinoa

3 avocados

6 nori sheets

3 cans of crab

2 table spoons wasabi mayo (or a mix of mayo and wasabi, and you can adjust the amount to your taste)

2 tablespoons of seasoned rice vinegar

4 tablespoons of soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

Prepare the quinoa according to your package.

Cut the avocados in small squares

Cut the nori sheets into small squares

Open and drain the crab

Mix everything into the prepared quinoa

And done! Quick, easy and very tasty!

And also with this recipe you can very and adjust! We've done a version where we take out the wasabi and the crab, and added hot sauce and a tuna steak in pieces, to make a spicy tuna bowl and this was also very delicious!


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