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Shoarma (Shawarma) bowl

In the Netherlands the middle eastern shoarma (shawarma) is very popular. Usually its eaten with a pita bread and garlic sauce. We always loved this, the really nice spiced and cooked meat originally being lamb but in the Netherlands they usually use pork. We used to have this a lot, and we missed it so much. We decided to recreate it, but then a bit healthier. Instead of a pita bread we made into a salad. And instead of pork we use chicken. And we have added fried chickpeas to add a bit of crunch. The spice mix took some time to fine tune but we now we feel we have the perfect mix. The recipe for the spice mix makes way to much, but we usually make the full recipe and have the mix in a jar in our spice drawer so we always have it when we are craving some shoarma.😁

This recipe would make enough for 4 people.

Spice mix recipe:

4 teaspoon paprika powder

2 teaspoon chilli flakes

4 teaspoon ginger powder

4 teaspoon garlic powder

4 teaspoon cumin powder

4 teaspoon ground coriander seeds

2 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

2 teaspoon turmeric powder

2 teaspoon nutmeg

2 teaspoon cinnamon

2 teaspoon ground black pepper

sauce Recipe

2 cups mayonaise

2/3 cloves of crushed garlic

salt and pepper to taste

2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 cup water

optional add some fresh chives or parsley

add all ingredients in a bowl and mix. You can use it right away. Or make it before and save it in the fridge. ( be aware that the garlic flavour will get stronger the longer the sauce sits)

Chickpeas recipe ( a full can of chickpeas)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon onion powder

2 teaspoon paprika powder

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon cumin

Salt and pepper to taste

Rinse chickpeas and dry them off. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and add chickpeas and all spices. Fry until the chickpeas are a bit crispy.

Chicken recipe:

4 chicken breast

sliced in thin strips

Put the sliced chicken breast in a bowl add some vegetable oil and add 1 1/2 tablespoon of spice mix and mix well. Heat up a cast iron skillet with some more vegetable oil. add the chicken and fry until crispy.

Assemble the bowl:

Start with some shredded iceberg lettuce

Add fried chickpea, add some grated cucumber, a spoonful of sauce and of course the chicken. And enjoy like we always do :-)

And of course let us know if you have any questions, or comments.


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