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Kale-Banana-Blueberry Smoothie

This is one of "go to" lunches. We always have the ingredients, so if I don't know what to have I can always have this. I keep the bananas in the freezer (I peel them, and slice them in half and put a zip lock bag in the freezer, this works really well) as well as the kale (washed and chopped) and the blueberries. I usually have fresh ginger as we use this a lot, and it stays good for a long time.

The ginger and lemon juice are optional, as it's a great smoothie to adjust to your own taste. Add a sweetener if you like it to be sweeter, or change the water into a different liquid. I add collagen powder to the smoothie as well and that works well.


1/2 banana

small hand of blueberries small hand of kale

1 table spoon of chia seeds

1 cup water (or other liquid)

little bit of lemon juice (optional) 1 teaspoon of chopped fresh ginger (optional)

Recipe Add all ingredients into a blender and blend well.


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