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It's the journey...

When training horses became my full time job instead of a hobby on the side a lot of things changed. You are dealing with a lot more influences besides you and the horse. The biggest change is dealing with deadlines and pressure from the owners and because I was training a lot more horses I created this routine to get the horse trough the steps.

With all of these things and more playing in my head there was a point where I was wondering if I was still enjoying it.

I realized I was loosing my fun in it because it was getting to much of a routine, and I was focusing to much on getting to the end result needed. I realized that I needed to stop and really enjoy every step again, stop setting deadlines and start working with owners that would allow me all the time I felt the horse needs.

With my attention completely back on the horse and the journey of their training I realized that my fun was coming back, I was really enjoying again what I was doing and loved seeing the progress I was making.

And, surprisingly, I also realized that I was making way more and faster progress than before, because I was living in the moment I was way more in tune with what the horse needs in the moment instead of focusing on my set routine. This was changing the way I was doing stuff as my routine became adjusted to the horse way more then before. So this of course meant way faster results.

So when it comes to training it's is so good to have a routine to fall back on but to stay flexible within this routine. My routine gets continuously adjusted to what the horse needs in the moment. I know this sounds simple, but I have found it to be definitely not easy.

But the next question that comes up is how do you know if your routine needs to be adjusted, how do you know if you are doing the right thing for the horse. If you are truly focusing on the horses, they will tell you. Reading their body language will let you know if you are doing the right thing. Or if you needing to push more or take it slower.While you are putting on the cinch for the first time is your horse low or level headed and bend around you, or is he high headed with a clamped tail.

If you are really staying in the moment you will notice the smaller signs your horse is giving you. The fact that your horse is not running off while doing stuff is not enough, to really process and take it all in he and you have to be in the right state of mind.

I do still have somewhat of a routine when it comes to training horses, but more often then not I'm changing it around. I do have some steps as to what I want to accomplish first before moving on but how I get there and in what way changes every time. This makes it way more exciting and fun for me and the horse. So enjoying the journey every time with every horse is so important for me.


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