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An easy way to get a nutritious meal and get rid of your left overs. We absolutely love this! You can flavour it any way you like, use loads of different ingredients and it's easy and simple. It's great to use as breakfast, lunch or dinner. And it's easy to cut up in pieces and keep in your fridge to have something ready when you're in a hurry. It tastes good cold or is easily heated up in the microwave.

Our favourite way of making it is with italian sausage, zucchini, onion, parmesan and cheddar. And we add some garlic powder.

use 2-3 eggs per person (or more if you're really hungry) (please be aware that if only making it for one you use a small frying pan or add extra eggs)

Put the eggs in a bowl and season it to your taste

Stir the mixture

Fry up the ingredients if needed on high heat. When ready, turn the heat to low, wait a few minutes, add the egg mixture, mix the egg with the ingredients in your pan, optionally top the mixture with cheese, cover the pan with a lid and let it slowly cook on low heat. When the egg mixture is all set your frittata is ready.


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