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Easy, quick and delicious bread

While we don’t eat bread often. When we eat it we like to have our home made bread. Of course there are so many recipes out there but we did want to share this one with you because its very easy, and with very basic ingredients making it a cheaper bread as well.

We created this recipe when we started with our bus tours. We needed to make dinner for 50 people, we made burgers but we did not want the store bought buns. So we wanted to come up with a bread recipe that was easy, and preferably cheaper as we needed to feed so many people.

But what we did not expect that this recipe would become our go to bread recipe. It is so delicious! When we started to offer breakfast for our cabin guests we made small loafs with the same recipe, and we got so many compliments from our guests.

You can shape the dough how ever you like. We usually make 2 bigger loafs, or 8 bigger buns. We also love to play around with the shape especially with the buns. And we like to sprinkle some kinds of seeds on the buns just to make them look a bit more fun.

We also like to mix it up and add spices, seeds and oats in the flour to change it up. One of

our favourite is the Italian bun ( we add some Italian herbs and grated parmesan into the flour mixture) We always have buns in the freezer, so when we do crave bread and have a cheat day all we have to do is defrost them and they are ready to go😁


3 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp salt

2 tbsp oil (we usually use olive oil)

2 1/4 cup warm water

2 1/4 tsp yeast

5 cups of flour ( we use regular all purpose flour, or the multi grain if we want to make darker breads )

mix the warm water with the yeast and the oil. Let this sit for a bit ( we usually let it sit for about 10 minutes )

mix the flour with the sugar and salt (this is when you can add whatever you like as an extra)

mix the flour with the yeast water in a mixer with a dough hook (Or by hand of course), then take it out and knead for a few minutes until you have a smooth dough.

Make a ball out of the dough and cover it with flour, put it into a bowl and cover with a damp tea towel. Let it rise for at least 1 hour.

Take the dough and knead it again, and shape it however you like to shape it. This is were we like to give the bread after its shaped a milk wash. Just a little bit of milk and brush it onto the breads, this is also when you can sprinkle your seeds or whatever you like on top as decoration (with the italian buns we like to sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top, super yummy)

Let it rise for another 30 minutes.

Bake on 200 C , the baking time of course is really going to depend on the size of loaf you're making. We usually just keep an eye on the breads and take them out once they start to get this beautiful golden brown colour and when you tap them on the bottom it sounds hallow. But usually around 30 minutes is when we start to really pay attention

Enjoy!! We hope you like these breads, and have fun with shaping and creating your own flavour. Let us know if you guys have a great add on for the flavour of these breads.


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