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Almond Milk

We have always been loving coffee and especially big lattes. Drinking coffee for us is a big thing, every morning the whole family meets and we all get together and drink coffee chat and make a plan for the day. Good coffee is also very important to us, so we (and our guests) are so happy with our Italian espresso machine on the ranch. We used to make our lattes with the fattest milk you can get to get that nice creamy foam that makes the latte delicious. When we started to think about our health more, of course we realized that drinking those big fat lattes every morning was not fitting anymore. But we did not want to give it up completely, after some research we tried almond milk. I would be lying if i said that we loved it from the start, it took some getting used to and at the beginning we were missing the creamy milk lattes a lot. But after about a week, and some adjustments to our almond milk recipe we were hooked. Now we love the taste of our almond milk, and would not go back to our milk lattes. So if you are planning to switch, don’t give up after the first try. Keep drinking the almond milk lattes you will love it soon enough:-)

another note if you are foaming your milk, almond milk is a bit harder to foam it takes some practice. Also watch the temperature, as almond milk over heats quite fast.


The amount of almonds you use depends a bit on your taste. Of course the more almonds the stronger the flavour and it will also get a bit thicker and creamier. We like the creamy, but don’t want to much almond flavour. After trying different things we found the amount that works best for us. But again there is room to change it to your taste.

1 heaping cup of almonds put in a container with warm water and let soak overnight.

the next morning drain almonds and put in blender add 5 cups of water and a pinch of salt. blend for quite a while (the longer you blend the more creamier it gets). Then pour the almond milk in a nut-bag (you can use a cheese cloth as well, but we prefer the nut-bag because its reusable) wait a few minute then squeeze the bag until all moisture is out. put the milk in a bottle and safe in the fridge.

The almond pulp you can actually use to bake a bunch of stuff with. We use it to make our own granola bars. Of course we will share this recipe with you soon. :-)


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