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6 lessons we learned from working with horses that are so useful in our daily lives

Working with horses has taught us so much. And when we started to translate what we learned from working with horses into our daily lives…our lives truly changed. Chatting over coffee the other day we were going over the things we’ve learned from our work with horses, and what lessons we felt have changed our lives the most, and one thing after another came up. And the list we came up with you can find below, our top 6 lessons we learned from horses that impacted our lives the most.

1. Stay in the moment When we’re training horses we have to be there, be present, be in the moment. We don’t have time thinking about what could happen in the future of what happened in the past. Taking this into your daily lives makes a big difference! Be present, don’t spend too much time worrying about tomorrow or yesterday, you might miss a beautiful moment right now.

2. Keep negativity out of your space When horses are being pushy or annoying, we almost automatically push them out of our space. No drama, no fight, just a simple no thanks but like this you don’t need to be close to me. Translating this to our daily lives made such a difference! I don’t need to get angry when someone is being really negative, I just need to (mentally) keep it out of my space.

3. You can’t control the horse; you can only control your response to the horse. This quote from our mentor Chris Irwin is one that has had a really big impact on our lives. There is so much we can’t control, and it is always a waste of time to worry about the things we cannot change. Our energy is spent so much better when we use it to control our own responses to the things we cannot change.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help When training a horse, it sometimes happens that you get stuck. We are fortunate that we live on the ranch with multiple Irwin Insights trainers, so we quickly learned that a fresh set of eyes can do wonders. And of course, this is as true in your daily life. Put aside your ego, your embarrassment or whatever is holding you back, it is always okay to ask for help.

5. Set boundaries As horse trainers we quickly learned that having boundaries and being okay with showing them calmly but firmly and consistently is very important! Horse get confused when they don’t know where your boundaries are, they can even get angry or scared when we are not clear with our boundaries. And this translates so much to our relations with other people; we don’t show our boundaries, yet we get angry when someone crosses our boundaries too much. Life gets so much easier when you know where your boundaries are, and you are okay to calmly show your boundaries.

6. Not everything needs to happen right now, be okay with giving something a break. As horse trainers we quickly learned that expecting too much too soon is never going to work. Some things just take time, and that’s okay. Not everything needs to be resolved right here, right now. Sometimes taking a break from a situation, letting things rest for a while is what helps is resolve.


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