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12 of our favourite weight loss tips

We’ve shared our journey of losing weight in another blog, but here’s a quick list of the things we did that we feel helped us most. We hope our experiences can help you!

1. Stop dieting!

2. Change your mindset. You are looking for a lifestyle change you’re not following a diet, which means there is no failing your diet, so no need to restart tomorrow or next week.

3. Introduce slow changes to your life, don’t change everything overnight. This will be way too difficult to stick to and will therefore make you feel you are failing.

4. Don’t expect quick results, take the time to adjust your lifestyle and slow results are lasting results

5. Don’t get on the scale more than once a week. It’s definitely true that getting on the scale is important, I used to avoid this and would say that I would just see the results if they would be there. In reality I have been afraid of getting on the scale because it would be too confrontational. Getting on the scale once a week has been my habit for the last year and it does help, it helps me notice changes soon, it motivates me and most importantly it keeps me out of denial and in touch with reality. However, once a week is enough! I just want to know the bigger picture and am not going to punish myself by getting on there after a cheat day etc. Once a week, same day, same time every week.

6. Look at what we call your “empty calories” first. What are you adding to your meals that really have no benefit for your body? Take those out first.

7. Be happy with yourself! Focus on wanting to feel healthier instead of looking a certain way. Shouldn’t feeling good and being happy with yourself be the goal? Feeling better about yourself will make it easier to change your lifestyle and eating healthier (not just to lose weight) will make you feel better about yourself. So it’s all about getting in a positive spiral with yourself. When you feel bad about yourself, it’s harder to take care of yourself, and harder to eat healthy and easier to grab the bad things, which will again make you feel bad about yourself. Turn this negative spiral in a positive one by being happy with yourself, telling yourself you are doing an awesome job.

8. Every small change is a step in the right direction. Every little thing you adjust in your diet is a step in the right direction. Be happy and proud of yourself, however small the change is or the result is.

9. Enjoy food! There are so so so many recipes online that are healthy and delicious. Try new products, try new recipes and find things you like. This may sound very cliché but have fun with it. Food is not bad, food is not the enemy, there’s so much food out there to enjoy that is healthier. Cook and have dinners with friends and family, bake healthy snacks and enjoy the food you eat

10. Use fresh ingredients, use spices and herbs, cook things from scratch. Skip prepared sauces, meals etc.

11. Have your “go to” meals and have the ingredients ready. Pick your favourite lunches or dinners and make sure you have the ingredients for those. Don’t let the moments that you don’t know what to eat change into cheat meals out of convenience.

12. Be mindful and pick your “cheats” carefully. Make sure your “cheat meals or snacks” are something you really want. Never cheat out of convenience, boredom or just because you’re tempted in the moment. Really pick what you want and when. We like to reward ourselves in the weekends.


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