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"Inspired by our own journey of following our dream, creating a balanced lifestyle and forever learning from and for our horses

we love to inspire others on their path of personal discovery"

Why do we feel so much better when we are around our horses? We have  trained ourselves that when we’re around our horses they need us to be aware, to be present. They need us to consistently show them that they can trust us to be their leaders, that they can feel safe when we’re with them. Because they need this from us, and because this is something that we can do for them, then we really do become calmer when we around our horses, and this practice translates more and more into our everyday life.

So by asking ourselves what we can do for our horses, we’ve actually worked on something we can use for our own well-being every day for ourselves. 

Throughout the years of working with horses and Irwin Insights more and more lessons we had to learn for our horses started to translate to our every day life. And we're excited to be sharing this with others here on Willow Ranch.

Horse Legs

Ask not what your horse can do for you; Ask what you can do for your horse

- Chris Irwin

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