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Horse Connection Club


New on Willow Ranch; the Horse Connection Club for kids. A unique program where kids are able to experience that true connection with a horse, because life with
horses is so much more than : "just riding" 

After years of running our kids lesson program we felt that something was missing, kids are definitely learning how to ride, but horses is about so much more than riding, and when we want to get the best out of our horses, we need that connection. The horses need to trust us, and we need to trust the horse. We can build that connections with groundwork, with being able to communicate with horses in a way they understand. With this unique new program we can give kids the opportunity to experience that. And this will not only gave them the chance to get more out of "their" horse but will also help them build confidence. 

By matching each kid with their "own" horse, and teaching them riding, groundwork and more about the care of the horses, they are able to build a bond with "their horse". We will go over all aspects of life with horses; care, tack, groundwork and riding.

The horse connection club will get together twice a week for 2 hours, in the two hours there will be theory, groundwork and riding lessons, sometimes in a group and sometimes in individual sessions. The material we go over is adjusted to the age of the children. The last Saturday of the month is "Playday" where we set up gymkhana typ games or other obstacles. This give the kids a goal to work towards. The playday always ends with a BBQ, and of course the parents are very welcome to join in.

The horse connection club will run month by month, and can be joined for just a month or for multiple months, the program will be different every month but it is possible to just join for a month. As we match kids with their "own horse" fo the month spots will be very limited. For more information check out the FAQ below, give us a call or send us an email.


By learning more about horse body language kids get the chance to feel that true connection with a horse

By really connecting with a horse kids can build their trust in the horse and  grow their confidence.

By learning more about how a horses body works, kids can get better rides and get more out of their horses

Horse Connection Club FAQ

What does the Horse Connection Club cost?
Club membership is $490 per month.

Can memberships be shared?
No, as the connections club is really meant to connect kids with their horse we work hard on matching the kids with the right horse, therefore memberships cannot be shared.

When is the Horse Connection Club?

The connection club runs from June to September. Club times are every Wednesday from 3 to 5 and every Saturday from 10 to 12, except the last Saturday of the month, which is "play day" which starts at 3.


The dates for 2022 are:

June May 30 – June 26  Playday and BBQ June 25  sign up deadline May 20

July June 27 – July 24  Playday and BBQ July 23  sign up deadline June 20

August August 1 – August 28   Playday and BBQ August 27  sign up deadline July 20

September August 29 – September 25  Playday and BBQ Sept 24 sign up deadline August 20

Are memberships on a first come first serve basis?

No, as every kids gets "their own horse" for the month we have to match them up with the right horse which depends on age, experience etc. We will try and match on first come first serve basis, but it might be that we won't have a matching horse available. After the first month preference will be given to kids aleady in the program. We will keep a waiting list, as we might get more horses available throughout the season.

Can lesson be rescheduled?
No, the lesson dates are set and cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

How do I sign my kids up?
Please send us a text (250 566 1814) , email ( or give us a call (250 566 1814)

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